Limited Edition Coins 18k Gold Plated & Solid Brass w/ Antique Copper Finish |Round Plastic Cases Included

Original Bitcoin Coin is made of solid brass and 18k gold plated.

Bitcoin Miner Coin is made of solid brass with antique copper finish.

Both CoinedBits® Bitcoins pop!  Each measures accordingly: Diameter= 1.5"" | 3 mm Thick | Weight= 1 oz. each.

Beautiful souvenir or novelty pieces. Perfect challenge coins, conversation starters or geocaching items.

Must have memorabilia pieces for every Bitcoin enthusiast. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

CUSTOMERS SAY: "Love the antique copper finish on the miner coin and the 18k gold finish on the original bitcoin coin" "The pictures don't do these coin justice" "Love the clever designs".

The 2009 Original Bitcoin Coin and 2010 Bitcoin Miner Coin are the perfect Bitcoin Collector’s Set. Each coin is minted with the utmost care and of the highest quality. The 2009 is solid brass with 18k gold plating. The 2010 is solid brass with an antique copper finish. Both measure 1.5"" in diameter, are 3 mm thick, and weigh a full 1 oz. They are well crafted and pop. They have no real Bitcoin value. They are novelty or souvenir coins.

Grab your CoinedBits® Bitcoins today and carry a tangible piece of the world's fastest growing, alternative currency. Just like the revolutionary digital currency, these Bitcoin Collectibles cannot be price fixed or inflated by the government. Their value is set purely by supply and demand. And that is why we want to thank you and all our fellow loyal raving Bitcoin fans for buying these limited edition coins and sharing them with family and friends. You are helping us spread the Bitcoin Revolution.

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Coin Collector’s Set 2009 & 2010

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