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If you are looking for fun, clever, and high-quality Bitcoin collectibles that are sure to spark Bitcoin conversations, you’ve come to the right place. Our memorabilia makes the perfect gift for any Bitcoin believer, Bitcoin skeptic, or even the digitally dumb.

CoinedBits was born in 2010 shortly after Bitcoin’s inception. As the creators of the original physical Bitcoin, CoinedBits has continued to innovate and create custom, high-quality collectibles for Bitcoin believers worldwide. Whether you’re looking for Satoshi Stuff, Bitcoin coins, wallets, miners, apparel, jewelry (or more), we’ve got you covered. And if we don’t have what you want/need, just message us and we’ll get on it. We love creating all kinds of quality collectibles for all our fellow Bitcoin believers.

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"I wanted Bitcoin enthusiasts to have something tangible they could hold in their hands that would serve as a sort of conversation starter," said Matt Misbach when asked about his impetus for minting the first ever physical Bitcoin coin. The first edition of the CoinedBits® original Bitcoin coin was unique in that each coin came with a unique tracking code that customers could enter on the former CoinedBits.com site. Purchasers were encouraged to purchase several coins, and then enter their unique tracking codes in the site before distributing the purchased coins to their friends and family members. Matt's hope was that sharing the physical coins would be a great way to help spread the Bitcoin Revolution.

And people from all over the world did just that. After they bought their coin, they entered their unique tracking codes and then shared their coins with others. "It was fun for us, and our users, to track the journey of their coin as people continued to share coins," proclaimed Matt.

Today, the 2009 Bitcoin coin by CoinedBits is the best selling Bitcoin commemorative collector's coin. And Bitcoin buffs return each year to add the newest Bitcoin coin to their collection. In 2010, CoinedBits® minted the Bitcoin Miner Coin to celebrate all Bitcoin miners. The 2009 original Bitcoin coin is made from solid brass with 18k gold plating, while the 2010 Bitcoin Miner Coin is made from solid copper. Both are simple, sleek, sexy and hefty, making them great collector's pieces and conversation starters for Bitcoin enthusiasts everywhere. Get yours today!